The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 9 Magnifiers

Background on Electronic Magnifiers


People with low vision use different types of magnifiers in order to see print text, pictures, and other objects. Apps on tablets are a less expensive than hardware solutions. Most people carry around a smartphone. With a magnifier app, they don’t have to carry a bulky and expensive device. The magnifier apps make it easier for people with milder vision problems to have a device that enlarges text. 

Software and Hardware


This is a PC software program for people that have a visual disability. The program does just about everything. It is as if someone sat in a room and thought of every possible way to allow an individual to see the text better. 

iPad Pro

The size of the iPad Pro, high resolution, and the ability to do work with the iPad Pro just cannot be ignored. It can also be held up to your face, and it has the ability to enlarge text with the accessibility features 

iPad Apps

SuperVision+ Magnifier
This is a magnifier for someone that really needs to see fine detail up close.

Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight

You can magnify an object. It lights up the center of interest. It can even freeze on one frame to make it easier to read.

Magnifying Glass With Light - digital magnifier with flashlight

You can magnify and sharpen the text with this app.

BigMagnify Free
This is a highly rated magnifying app.

Magnifier - Flashlight Zoom

This magnifier app gets some great ratings.

Google Play Magnifiers and Visual Impairment


Magnifier Pro

This is a highly rated app. 


Magnifying Glass Flashlight

This is a very highly rated magnifying app.

Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO

This is a magnifying app that gets excellent ratings.


This is a highly rated and popular app that magnifies text.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

This is a magnifier and light all in one.

Cozy Magnifier & Microscope +

This app has a high rating. 



This is a magnifying app. 

Seeing Assistant Magnifier

This is a magnifier that helps you adjust color and contrast to see better.

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