The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 3 iPad Apps Deaf & Hearing Impaired

iOS TTY Calling
Answer or make TTY calls from your iPhone
New in iOS 10: Software TTY Calling

Dectone Hearing aid

This app amplifies and adjusts sounds to help people with hearing difficulty.

Hearing Helper

This app has speech to text that can translate to different languages. The app if for people that are hearing impaired, deaf, and/or speech a different language.

ASL Translator

You can translate English words into American Sign Language. The app gets very good ratings. Just remember that translations are not exact.

ASL Fingerspell American Sign Language Dictionary

This app shows you all of the letters in American Sign Language.

ASL: Fingerspelling (

This app teaches you the American Sign Language Alphabet.

Signed Stories

These are children’s stories that you can read but are also told with sign language.

ASL Dictionary from NTID

This is an American Sign Language dictionary.

Sign Me A Story

This app teaches sign language with by telling a story. I love the concept! Based on the ratings, I am not the only one.

ASL Dictionary American Sign Language

This is an American Sign Language dictionary.

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