The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 2 Closed Captions

Web Captioner Best of Class 

This website does free captioning and uses large text. If you need captioning done on the fly, this is the best place to look. This is an absolute hidden gem.

Google Documents Voice Typing with an iPad as a Microphone Honorable Mention 
If the text is not big enough, I recommend using Google Documents Voice Typing. If you use an iPad as a microphone and project what you are saying on a whiteboard, it does the same thing as Google Slides Closed Captions. Except the type is much bigger. The larger text is needed in many cases. 

Google Slides Closed Captions Honorable Mention 
With this feature, an educator can talk, and each word that is stated is displayed on your projector. To have a free way to display every word you say is very valuable for students with any kind of hearing impairment. 

Closed Captions Apple TV

You can find information on how closed captions work on Apple TV here.

Closed Caption Windows 10

This is information on the closed caption settings for Windows 10.


You can add closed captions to YouTube videos.

PowerPoint Closed Captions

This gives you information on how to add closed captions to PowerPoint videos.

Closed Captions Creator
This is a program that adds closed captions to videos. There are several paid versions to choose from.    

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