The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 1 Deaf & Hearing Impaired

P3 Mobile

P3 a mobile app for VRS (Video Relay Service). The app gets outstanding ratings. This helps people that are deaf take phone calls. The app gets very good ratings.


Purple P3

Purple VRI

This is a video interpretation service for the hearing impaired. This is called Video Remote Interpreting. (VRI)


Motion Savvy 

This company makes tablets that you sign to, and then it talks. Someone that only knows sign language and can’t talk can now communicate. This technology is totally awesome. 

Signing Savvy ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary

This is a webpage where you type in a phrase, and it gives you the visual for the ALS sign.

Sign Language Dictionary

ASL Sign Language Translation

This site is good if you want to learn common signs to communicate.

Right Hear

This is for a school or business that wants to be more accessible to people with visual disabilities. You install devices around the area that you want to make more accessible. With the app, a visually impaired person gets vital information about the location there are at. They can include obstacles. The app speaks to them about valuable information on their environment.

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