The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 6 AAC Apps with Foreign Languages

The United States of America is a multilanguage country. There is no official language of the USA. With the influx of immigration in the past few decades and no stop in sight, we have to assume that some children with autism and other serious communication problems will speak languages other than English. This complex immigration problem is happening in many of the other industrialized nations. This challenge is real, and as an educator, my job is not to judge or engage in politics. My job is to help everyone and anyone that is a child or teen that I work with. 

Proloquo2go Honorable Mention

This was the first high-end AAC app. It allows someone to communicate by typing words and clicking on pictures. The app has add-ons for French and Spanish.

Touch Chat HD Honorable Mention

This is another high-end AAC app. The app has add-ons that are in Spanish. Touch Chat also has add-ons for English that are for bilingual students. They are known for having the best vocabulary. This app is good for someone with a higher vocabulary that would like a large number of terms.


MyTalkTools Mobile

This is a highly rated AAC app. The app does a good job with visuals. You can also buy packs in different languages.

Google Play


Predictable Português

If you were looking for an AAC app that is for Portuguese, you now have an option.

Avaz en Français

This is an AAC app for some that speeches French.

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