The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 4 Accessories

You might ask yourself why is there a category with only one item in it? The answer is that I am hoping to fill out more items in this category in the future. If I don’t this one item is so important that I will break my rule of having multiple items to establish a category. One of the things I see is when a student uses an augmentative and alternative communication is they hold the device up as if the words are coming from the device. Having a speaker that is attached to the individual is a powerful statement. Telling a student, the words come from them is wonderful but getting them to believe it is something else. An attached speaker is a great way to convey this. I think this should be standard in the future. The device that is used will get smaller. We will see the day in our lifetimes where a person that is unable to talk without a device and uses a device will not visually stand out in a crowd quite the same way. I image a device that fits in your pocket. It can be activated with your eyes or hands. The best part is people will hear the sounds and see the person and not the device.     

Tokk Smart Assistant

This is a speaker that clips onto you. Individuals with a speech disorder often hold up a device when talking. With this speaker, the words sound like they are coming from you because the words are coming from you.

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