The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 2 Dynavox


For a long time, I did not include Dynavox in my books. Purchasing an iPad is generally less expensive than buying a similar product from Dynavox. I included Dynavox because there still are solid reasons to buy the various products that Dynavox offers. You can even buy an iPad from the Tobii Dynavox website with a case. The case gives the feel of the higher-end communication devices. The price of many of the Tobii Dynavox products has gotten much lower over the years. For people with disabilities, the Tobii Dynavox products have some real advantages that cannot be ignored. The Tobii brand is known for eye-tracking for people with physical disabilities. An individual with a severe physical disability can use a Dynavox commination device by moving their eyes. Tobbii does make software that you can use to control a computer by moving the mouse with your eyes for gamers as well. The Dynavox communication devices are known for having mounts that will fit a wheelchair. As a result, individuals with physical disabilities, the Tobii Dynavox is a consideration. Fitting a mount sounds like a simple task but often is much harder than you think. No one wants to order a needed device and have to return it, start over again, and order another product.  If you are an expert, what you recommend is expected to work and be a good product. The truth is assistive technology specialist have to know so much that we cannot know everything. If you work with the physically disabled, please consider Tobii Dynavox as a viable option.

ConnectIT Mounting Plate for Speech Case 9.7" or 12.9"

Speech Case without iPad


Tobii Eye Tracking Products

You can buy an eye tracking mouse with many of the communication devices that are sold on this website. If you scroll down on the webpage, you will see some of the eye tracking products.


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