The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 1 AAC - Augmentative and Alternative Communication Apps

Many people know about big-name augmentative and alternative communication. There are more choices than one would think. Often times people pick the same app. If you like a communication app, and that is your comfort zone, there is nothing wrong with that. Often students present unique situations and challenges. Finding an app that meets an important need for a student with a communication disorder is important. At no time do I feel satisfided that I know everything on this subject. If you find it important to pick the right app, it is important to consider and eliminate lessor apps. It is also important to know why you decided on an app and then test out your hypothesis by trying the app with a student. 

Touch Chat HD Honorable Mention 

This is another high-end AAC app. This app is often recommended by professionals in the field. You can buy several add-ons with more vocabulary that adds to the cost. They are known for having the best vocabulary. This app is good for someone with a higher vocabulary that would like a large number of terms. The best apps in the category tend to be the ones that are the most user-friendly. That is because of the time commitment adding pictures and vocabulary. 


Proloquo2go Honorable Mention

This was the first high-end AAC app. It allows someone to communicate by typing words and clicking on pictures. 

LAMP Words For Life

This is a high-end AAC app. The price is higher than many of the other high-end apps out there. The app has a good number of pictures for someone that is younger, that is learning to communicate. It is more of a picture-based app. For children or some people with a limited vocabulary having more pictures is an advantage. 


Avaz for Autism 

It is the best app in this class. It is very user-friendly. I highly recommend this app.


Spanish version

Google Play

TalkTablet NEO

This app costs slightly less than the higher-end apps but looks similar to many of them. You can adjust the app to allow four tiles to limit choices for younger children or those with a limited vocabulary. The app also has a number of pictures as well. You can buy this app on a number of platforms.


Google Play

Speak for Yourself

This is a highly rated, high-end AAC app.

aacorn AAC

This is a highly rated, high-end AAC app.



Verbally Premium

This high-end communication app gets very good ratings.

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