The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 3 Social Skills Videos


Teaching social skills is a very important task. It is also a very difficult task. You have to express some very abstract and vital concepts to students that need to learn for everyday functioning. If you can use technology to give a dynamic way to display your concepts, then you have a very powerful tool to represent information. Students that use these apps have another way to practice self-expression and to test a new skill. Technology is often more engaging than role play or reading from a script.

Peers for Young Adults Honorable Mention 

This website has a number of professional looking social skills videos for young adults.

Popular Videos - Social skills & Autism 

This is a playlist of a number of very good social skills videos.

Everyday Speech

This is a website with social skills videos.

Popular Videos - Social skills & School

A playlist for Social Skills

Social Skills Videos YouTube Playlist

This playlist has a large number of social skills videos.

Popular Asperger’s syndrome & Social skills videos YouTube Playlist

This playlist has a number of videos on social skills.

4th Grade Social Skills

This website has a number of videos for younger children on the topic of social skills.

Social Skills Videos

This is a Pinterest account with a ton of links.

Discovery Education

Check to see if your school has a membership to Discovery Education. They have a number of videos on social skills and emotions in the health section. Good videos on social skills are hard to find. 

Free Videos for Autistic Kids

This website has a number of videos for children that have autism on a number of different topics.

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