The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 18 Vocabulary 

Vocabulary is an important area that everyone can improve on. Having enough words is an issue. Correctly using the words, we have is another issue. If you use the wrong word, the looks you get will give you an awkward feeling. Being able to describe something can make or break a story. The power that words have means getting peeople’s attention and the power get them to work with you. To be a leader, you must be able to utilize the powers of words and part of that is context and vocabulary. Even if you want to blend in the background, it is important to have words to get what you need, want, or otherwise desire. That means vocabulary development. 

Language Adventures

This app teaches basic language in the form of a game. The game can help to engage students while teaching the basic sounds. 

Real Vocabulary Pro

This is a comprehensive app with a number of strategies to teach vocabulary. The ratings are also very good.

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