The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 10 Articulation/Teaching Sounds

Learning and pronouncing the sounds is a primary task that speech and language pathologist apps do. When asking a child to do a low-interest task, it is always helpful in creating high-interest activities. Trying to do something that you cannot do often ranks as a lower interest activity. When you cannot talk, it becomes harder to find people to talk to you and thus a downward cycle. That is why speech and language pathologists are so important. The amount of time and effort that it takes is considerable. If you are going to buy just a few apps and you are a speech and language pathologist I highly recommend looking at this section.

High-End Apps

Articulation Station Best of Class 

This app teaches all the basic sounds that you need to learn. The app has a number of games and gets outstanding ratings. Do not be scared by the price. I used to think higher price apps were not worth it. This is an app that all speech and language pathologists can use often. If you are a decision maker in a school my advice, it buys this app. The good news is there is also a free version that you try first to build the case for a full purchase.

Free version that has in-app purchases:

Full version


See.Touch.Learn. Honorable Mention  

I like this flashcard app for students with communication disorders, young children, and people learning to speak English. I like the way it is organized. They show you the pictures, and you have to guess what it is.


Word Vault Pro Honorable Mention 

This is a free app with some in-app purchases. The paid version is a high-end teaching app for professional speech and language pathologists. The ratings for this app are outstanding. If you are a speech and language pathologist that likes using iPad app for therapy, this is a good option for teaching articulation. There is also a free version.

Articulation Station Español

If you are teaching articulation in Spanish here are two Spanish versions of Articulation Pro. One is free, and the other is a paid version.

Articulate it! Pro

This app teaches the sounds.!/id391296844?mt=8

Speech Tutor Pro

This higher-end app teaches the sounds and articulations a number of different ways. This app is designed for professional speech and language pathologists.

Moderately Priced 

Letter Muncher Honorable Mention 

This app teaches the sounds of letters and vocabulary for young children. The app gets good ratings.

Pictello Honorable Mention

This is a simple way to create talking pictures. This app is good for a parent that wants to teach a child people’s names and the names of common words or sayings. This app would also work well with a teacher or a Speech and Language Pathologist. 


Speech Journal

This app allows you to record your voice to pictures. It is made by the Mobile Education Store. The company makes a number of very good apps. This low-priced app is good to teach basic names to a student.

Minimal Pairs Academy

This app teaches the 23 most common sounds. The app keeps track of data.

Articulation Scenes

The app teaches different sounds and also gets good ratings. 


This app is a moderately priced app that teaches basic sounds.

The Sounding Out Machine - Assistive Reading Device

This app helps children sound out difficult words.

Multiple Choice Articulation

This app teaches students the different sounds. The ratings are also very good.

Missing Letter Articulation for Speech Therapy

The app does what the name says. It helps teach those sounds that some people struggle with.

Multiple Choice Articulation

This app teaches the basic sounds and gets very good reviews.

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