The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Chapter 5 Speech and Language Apps

There are a ton of apps for a speech and language pathologist to use with a student. The iPad is still king even though Chromebooks are being more commons within school systems. There are a number of apps to choose from.

AR/VR for autism
Artificial reality and virtual reality are currently being used to help students with autism.

Emotion Apps
Students can learn basic facial expressions with a number of different apps. 

Social Skills App and Video
There are a number of online videos both paid and free that teach social skills for children of various ages and disabilities. There are also a number of highly rated apps that also teach social skills.

Early Intervention Apps
Finding an app for younger students that teaches language is an area of need. There are a number of apps that teaches the most basic language to younger students and/or students with a significant delay.

Everyday Language Apps
This category of apps has common objects that students can interact with and talk about.

Articulation Apps
Teaching articulation skills to students is something every speech and language pathologists does every day. This is a large category of apps that are often a good investment. There are several high-end articulation apps that teach the sounds and could be used often by a speech and language pathologist. 

Assessment Apps
Testing a student’s ability is an important aspect of being a speech and language pathologist. This category of apps has a number of very good options. Buying one higher-end app is a good investment. 

Game Apps
Finding high-interest language apps is an area of need. There are a number of apps to teach articulation, listening skills, and other areas of language. 

Abstract Language Apps
Teaching abstract language or language with very specific meaning and context is an area of need. There are a number of apps to teach specific areas of language.

Interactive Grammar Apps
Teaching a specific area of grammar is a part of the job that speech and language pathologist do. Having interactive examples of grammar are a big advantage to keeping activities higher interest. 

Conversation and Sentence Apps
Being able to teach larger chunks of language is an important area for developing social langue skills. Written language requires languages skills composed of sentences. This makes conversation and sentence skills apps important. 

Sound or Volume Apps
This app measures how loud someone talks. This app can also be used to measure other types of sounds. This can give feedback to students that lack self-awareness in this area. This could also be used with students that have hearing loss and cannot hear how loud or low they are talking.

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