The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Subsection 2 Food

I know food is not technology. However, if you have a child that has low muscle tone or has eating problems, weight issues or sensory related eating problems it is just as complicated. Understanding how to handle these issues takes technical knowledge similar to understanding technology. When I hear a child has low muscle tone, I cringe. Something as simple as drinking instant breakfast can help change this. People sometimes say you are what you eat. The truth is you are what you absorb. If someone has low muscle tone, a healthier diet would help. Now try getting a child to eat lean meats and vegetables is very difficult. If you have a child with sensory issues, it gets worse. Children with autism and learning disabilities often eat the mild tasting foods, and that can translate to a high carbohydrate diet. If you want to break this habit, it takes an educated parent with technological cooking knowledge. I can’t understand why eating disorders for children with disabilities are not talked about and publicly recognized. Many parents are embarrassed by their children’s maladaptive eating behaviors and blame themselves. Parents need to understand they are not to blame, and this needs to be talked about. I have listed some books below that will help parents struggling with this difficult problem.  


The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite by Missy Chase Lapine

The Speedy Sneaky Chef: Quick, Healthy Fixes for Your Favorite Packaged Foods by Missy Chase Lapine

Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food by Jessica Seinfeld

The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue: 101 All-New Recipes and “Sneaky” Tricks for Creating Healthy Meals Kids Will Love by Missy Chase Lapine


Instant Breakfast
I stock my home with Instant Breakfast. I prefer getting the version without sugar. As a child, I drank chocolate milk and these tastes just as good. What I find is when you buy similar products in a health food store they have more nutrition but don’t taste as good. If people drink this every day, they will help you maintain or possible increase muscle tone. Some people have difficulty absorbing nutrients, and this can help you compensate. I have seen the effect on my body. I have great muscle tone. You can also try soy milk as well.

Vegetable Protein Pancakes
I use vegetable protein that is vanilla flavored. It is the kind sold in drug stores and health food stores that are meant to drink with milk. I make regular pancakes with vegetable protein and eggs. About 65% of the mix is pancake mix with about 35% Vegetable Protein mix. Then, instead of milk, I use as eggs. I then use a grill that is specifically designed to make pancakes. The presentation is very important. Then I use sugar-free syrup. I make sure there is enough syrup. If I need more to sell the goods, I add some lower calorie whip cream or sprinkle on a few chocolate chips. If the child likes bananas, then see if you can get away with adding some of them to the mix.

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