The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 9 Word Prediction Apps


Word prediction is one of the best ways to help a student with writing. It helps students insert a correctly spelled word that they otherwise might misspell. The student also has to use fewer keystrokes to type the same information. Word prediction is an area that is often used to help students with a number of issues. These might include spelling, fine motor coordination, or other writing issues. Word prediction can help remove a number of barriers to learning. Word prediction is starting to appear on more and more apps. Word Prediction is excellent for anyone with writing issues.  


Read & Write (Chrome Extension) Best of Class

This Chrome extension has just about everything. Read & Write has word prediction that is excellent. The app has a picture dictionary. The extension has speech to text and text to speech. The app creates a floating toolbar in the Chrome browser. This means a student can use Read & Write across all settings. It also means that a student can use Read & Write on any computer. That can eliminate the need for a laptop to travel with the student. It also means that a student could use this product at home with no extra cost or risk on the part of the school. The subscription is priced on the number of licenses purchased. The more licenses purchased, the less per license.

A teacher can get this extension for free. This allows teachers to test out the product.

Voice Dream Writer Honorable Mention   

This is a very good word prediction app. The app will type what you say. All you do is click on the microphone on the keyboard. It also makes some basic corrections. The app will even read back what you typed. This is an awesome app. 


Word Q US 1 (Chrome) 

This is a very good word prediction app.


This is the Canadian version of the extension.

Co:Writer Universal (Extension)

This is a word prediction program.

iWord Q

This is a word prediction software app. It is similar to Word Q for the PC. The app will not read web pages and does not work with Speak Q like the full PC program. The app makes suggestions of the correct spelling of what you are trying to type and then will read the words back to you. 


Clickers Docs

This is a simple word processor with a word prediction program. The people that created Clickers 6 made this app. 

Read&Write for iPad

The app has a spell checker, word prediction, dictionary, text to speech, and a picture dictionary. The app can also import and share a document.

Typ-O HD

This is a good word prediction app.!/id372971659?mt=8 


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