The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 3 Math

UDL technology or assistive technology for math is hard to find. There are a number of programs that you can use. The issue is once you find something for one area of math, the student usually moves on to another area of math. The number of different areas of math that can each create a unique problem to solve is many. Often recommending an online program that teaches math is a good option because it can be used with a number of different areas of mathematics.


GroGebra Honorable Mention

This is an online graphing website. If you are doing some form of graphing, this is an option. There are many tools to work with. When you create a graph and download as a picture than share via an online service. 

IXL Author’s Pick  

This is a paid service, but it is the best online educational math service. 


This is a very good online math learning website. They also make some very good apps written for educators.

Virtual Online Graph Paper

This is online graph paper. You can zoom in and make the graph paper bigger. You type in numbers and do your math problem as normal. You can then print your work. If you are in a school that is paperless, then you can take a screenshot and save online. When you take a screenshot on a Chromebook is saves it to Google Drive. This website is simple but solves a number of problems. It forces students to line up their work and to type math problems.

This website has a number of what they call “apps.” Each of the various website programs gives excellent visuals for different areas of math. Each of the so-called apps tends to work best with the younger grades. This is a good website, and I see a lot of value here.


This website has a ton of math tutorial videos.


This is a program for math that is data-driven.

Watch Know Learn

This website has a number of videos on various academic topics, including math.


Algebra Touch Best of Class Author’s Pick 

This app is totally awesome. It is my favorite math app. 



Socratic - Math Answers & Homework Help Honorable Mention

You simply take a picture of a math problem, and you get a step by step solution. This is an easy way to see the many steps in a math problem. This app gets outstanding reviews.

Khan Academy Honorable Mention

The Khan Academy is one of the best known educational websites on the internet. Students can learn math and a number of other subjects. The website allows for a login for teachers as well. There is a lot to like here. 

Khan Academy Kids

ModMath Pro Awesome Technology Author’s Pick 

This is the full version of the outstanding math app.


Efofex Hidden Gem 

This program helps do graphing. If you can prove that you have a math disability, then the company will give you a 10-year license to a list of programs that they offer. The application is not simple but can be an improvement for someone with visual-spatial difficulties that finds math difficult. 

You can get the program for free if you have a disability that significantly impacts math and science. 

Splash Math Apps

5th Grade Math: Splash Math Common Core Worksheets for kids [HD Full] 


iTooch apps

This is an awesome app maker. I recommend looking at all of the apps they sell. They have apps for iPad, Android, and Windows. This link is to middle school math apps.


This app shows how to do all sorts of math for Middle School through college in videos. It is a free app, but if you want more, it costs money. The video looks like your math teacher showing you step by step equations. They also have a website. 

Cymath - Math Problem Solver Awesome Technology 

It shows you all the steps of an equation while helping you solve it. It teaches and calculates. The reviews are awesome.

Math Editors

EquatIO Best of Class

This is a math editor that works with the Chrome browser. You can use a free version or pay for a premium version. Texthelp has made a number of outstanding products that can be accessed with Chrome. With so few good options for people with disabilities that are related to math this app I worth consideration.


Equation editors

Most people do not think about using a word processing program as an equation editor. Often times, using a product that you already have is a good option.

Microsoft Word

It is called the word processor for math. You can type many different types of math problems with this free online website. Your work is very easy to share with a teacher. The website solves the math problems for you. You can disable the feature if desired. The interface is user-friendly. You can even sign up with Google or Facebook. 

TeX equation editor

If you want to insert math equations into Google Documents, this app might be for you. It turns your equation into a picture. The app gets very good ratings.

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