The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 21 Pen Readers/Recorder for Notes

Pen readers are a great idea that people often forget about in the world of software. We think of hardware for people with more significant disabilities. You can buy a pen that reads print text. Online text is accessible and paper text is not. With a pen reader, the truth is paper text can be read to you. 

Livescribe records notes and syncs them to what you write. This is a great tool for students. With all of the options out there sometimes people forget this option. 


This is a pen that syncs a person’s voice to the notes that are taken. The notes and audio are then turned into a video. This pen is used for someone with a disability. However, I like this pen for teachers trying to create a lesson. This is one way to flip a classroom.

C-Pen Reader

This pen will scan in paper text and read it to you in real time. You scan one line at a time.

LeapReader from LeapFrog

You can read and write with a pen. The pen reads the words or can be used for practicing basic writing. The company has a number of products for teaching literacy skills. The products get some very good reviews. The Company has a number of other products that teach reading as well.

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