The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 19 Learn to Spelling


There are a number of ways to teach spelling. I want to make a few suggestions. When you are teaching spelling to young children, you have to teach phonics and the parts of a word. You can find lists of the most commonly used 100 words. Every child should know how to spell all of those words. Memorizing letters within a word can be a mundane task. Anytime that you find a way to make this task more interesting or better target common words that is a win. I recommend looking at the options below. 

Scholar - Spelling Bee Quiz

This app teaches you to spell commonly misspelled words. It gets into similar words. The ratings are excellent and well deserved. This is a difficult subject to address. This app will help you improve your spelling if you take the time to use it.

Spelling Training

This website allows you to make a list of spelling words or import one to study. This is a nice twist to the traditional way of learning spelling.

Spelling Notebook

You can create a list of spelling words to practice. This app helps teach spelling.

Simplex Spelling Phonics - Rhyming With CVC Words

This is a very good spelling app. 



Little Stars - Word Wizard

This is a highly rated game that teaches spelling.

Wonster Words Learning

This app teaches phonics and spelling. The app also gets great reviews.

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

Google Play 



American Wordspeller

Instead of looking a word up in the dictionary, you can use this app. Spelling rules do not apply. You can spell a word phonetically, and the app can find it. This is an app for those with poor spelling that needs to look up a word. 

Spell Board

This app creates fun activities to help you learn custom spelling lists. 


You can find videos of the most common 100 words and countless videos on phonics. When I show videos to students, they just focus or listen better. As much as I want to think of myself as being interesting tends to be more engaging interesting to my students.

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