The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 17 Advanced Grammar & Spell-Checkers

I find most spelling and grammar checks are disappointing. Having a spelling and grammar check is better than nothing. There are a number of mistakes that they do not find. Having a more well-developed grammar and spelling checker is a real need for many people. I find the best service is Grammarly. There are still a number of alternatives if you want to look elsewhere. As an adult that does a lot of writing, I don’t want to ask others to proofread my work. Having electronic options to point out my mistakes is valuable. 

Note: My brother works for Grammarly. I do really like my brother, but if a better product than Grammarly comes along, I will write about it. 

Grammarly Best of Class Author’s Pick 

This website will make a ton of corrections on your work. There is a web browser version that will correct what you are writing and a Microsoft Word add-on. They also have a paid version. This is great for a college student or someone that needs help correcting their writing on a regular basis.

Microsoft Word 

The spelling and grammar checker in Microsoft Word is very good. To ignore the strong spelling and grammar checking in Word for other programs is a mistake. If you use Word, enjoy the benefit of spelling and grammar checking. However, if you are a power-user, you still can supplement Word with another option as well.

Language Tool

This is a tool that corrects your grammar, spelling and sentence structure. There is a simple free version to use and paid options. The tool as not as well known. The Language Tool gets some good reviews and has some nice features. What I like best is that you can try the product without login in, downloading or giving any information. The Language Tools also has a few browser extensions that you can try. If you are in the market for a tool to correct your writing, this is worth a look.


This is an advanced spelling and grammar checker. You can get the free version or buy two paid versions. The company offers discounts for students and schools. The program starts up with your computer. 


Google Play:





Ginger Page Writing App

This app helps you make corrections to your writing.



This website gives added structure and feedback to your writing assignments. This a product integrates with Google Suite. If you are a Google School, then consider this product.

ProWriting Aid

This advanced spell checker has a number of features. The one I like is the one-year subscription is 40 dollars. The program will check for many different qualities in your writing, and it integrates with Google Documents and Word.

Hemingway Editor

This online editor gives you feedback on your writing. There are several advantages to using this editor. It is free, you do not have to install software, and you can use it with your entire class. This editor gives you more considerable feedback compared to a word processor. 

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