The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 16 Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a great service that is often underutilized. Imagine if you could listen to all of your textbooks. The number of students that would benefit from this service is a large number. The service does cost money, but it is much better than the alternative. As more textbooks are online and have electronic versions, the service might become less important in the future. Every device, browser, and operating system have speech to text options. The ability to listen to books is very powerful. For some students, the need to listen to textbooks is a real need. In the past, you needed an expensive digital player and access to the talking books was less streamlined. Today you can listen on any device, and the technical issues are far less. I cannot emphasize enough how great this service is. Learning Ally has a large collection of textbooks that can be listened to. 

Learning Ally Link Chrome Honorable Mention

Learning Ally Link PC

This is PC software that allows you to access Learning Ally.

Learning Ally Link Mac

This is the Mac version of the software for Learning Ally.

Learning Ally Link iPad

This app will allow you to listen to Learning Ally on an iPad or iPhone.

Learning Ally Google Play 

You can use Learning Ally on a Chromebook or in the Chrome browser with this extension.

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