The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 14 Reading Websites

Listed below are a number of very good apps that will add a new tool or tools to your classroom. All of these reading apps get good reviews and are used by a number of people in the field. I recommend that you try some of them. 

Epic! - Unlimited Books for Kids Honorable Mention 

This is an eBook subscription service for educators and parents. The service is free for teachers and librarians. The service also has a number of books that can be read to you. That is very helpful if you are looking for books for someone with a disability related to reading print material.

Unite for Literacy

This website has a number of free online books for younger readers.

Newsela Honorable Mention 

This website will adjust reading levels for the same article. This means that students on different reading levels can read the same article.



This is a free reading website for teachers.

This website has a number of free activities to help improves skills. The website gets some good reviews.


This website is free and tracks student’s progress when reading.


This is a free website that gives you data on your student’s progress.


This website is for young children learning to read. The website has a number of free materials.

Read Works

This website has a number of articles that are supported by audio and has other materials.

This is a great tool to simplify text to different reading levels. It also helps make the text easier to understand.

Storyline Online
This website has a number of children’s story that is read to you on video. 

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