The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 13 Reading Programs

These are some inexpensive ways to help teach reading skills to students of all ages. Finding good materials for students to use can make a real difference. Teachers are busy, and making material is time-consuming. If you can add good material to what you do in the classroom, that is a big positive. 


Reading Programs

These are programs that have a subscription or have a paid option.


Immersive Reader (OneNote Learning Tools)

This is one of the best-hidden gems ever. OneNote Learning Tools has many totally awesome features. If you open a document in OneNote, there is a list of amazing things you can do. You can color code the grammar. The program to read to you and blackout distractions. If you have access to OneNote check these amazing features out. 

Note: There are some instances where Microsoft products are free for students and or schools. 


Fluency Tutor

This product tracks students as they read out loud in school or at home. Students read web content or Google Documents. A text to speech feature can read the document to them and highlight each word. The student can then read and record their voice for the teacher. Imagine having students do reading at home, track each student progress, give student feedback and having the technology to support struggling readers. This is a good product to work on reading Fluency.

Actively Learn

This is a popular reading program that gives personalized instruction. The rates are also very good.

Read Live

This is a reading fluency program.

Kids A-Z

This is a leveled reading program that uses an app as a gateway to the program. 


Google Play:


Lexia Reading Core5

This app/reading program teaches core language.



This is an intervention program that is for struggling readers that target specific areas.


The well-known phonics program has an online version.

LeVar Burton Kids Skybrary

This website has a number of opportunities for reading for younger students. This product can be used with an individual student, small groups, or entire classes. The website gets good reviews.

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