The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 5 All-In-One Organizers

Google Drive with Google Suite Honorable Mention 
You can organize all of your files in Google Suite with Google Drive. You can also create new documents and assign them to folders. Google Suite has several programs that are very good for organization. Google Calendar is a great way to remember dates, and Google Keep is an excellent way to take notes. I prefer using Google Keep as a graphic organizer because you can import the notes into Google Documents. Google Classroom is a great way to organize class files and assignments for students. 
If your school uses Google Suite, you should use the good options that you already have. 

This is an organization and annotation tool. The website helps you keep bookmarks. You can also annotate PDFs. 

This website helps you to keep a calendar, notes, keep track of assignments, and save important files. This is a good user-friendly organization tool. 

Notebooks 8 - All Your Documents, Files, and Tasks

This highly rated app takes notes, organizes tasks, and documents.

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