The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 4 Calendar

Keeping a calendar is a great way to keep track of important dates. As adults with busy lives, we must use a calendar for our work appointments. Students don’t think to write down times and dates the same ways as adults. A calendar is a simple yet powerful tool. Many highly productive adults need a phone calendar to remind them about where to go and what to do. Students with executive functions defects would struggle to take the time to fill out a basic tool like a calendar. Never underestimate the power of using an electronic calendar. Imagine if we had just to remember everything. A Google calendar can easily be embedded on a website. A calendar can be shared. Several calendars can be read at the same time. As teachers, we need to take the time to use these organizational tools and encourage our students to do the same. The alternative is forgetting.


Google Calendar Best of Class 

This is a very good calendar and can be shared and embed on a website. You can find apps that work with this calendar. You can use Google Calendar on a number of different platforms. So many people already have Gmail accounts, and as a result, you don’t have to create a new account. You can also put an app with your calendar on your smartphone.


Calendar - Agenda, Tasks, and Events

This app does a number of tasks, has great reviews, and has been downloaded a number of times.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

I like how this calendar visual represents the information. The app gets good reviews and has a ton of downloads.

Calendar 2019 : Schedule Reminder, Agenda, To-Do

This app does a number of things. You can keep a calendar, to d list, and reminders for important tasks. This all in one calendar gets some very good ratings.

Calendar - Handy Calendar 2019,Reminder,ToDo

This app syncs with Google Calendar does a number of tasks and get good reviews.


Calendars by Readdle 

This app gets great reviews and has a good visual representation of information.

TimeTree: Free Shared Calendar

This is a very good calendar app with a high rating.

Calendars 5 - Smart Calendar and Task Manager with Google Calendar Sync

This app has a good interface.

CalenMob - Google Calendar Client

If you like Google Calendar and want to take it with you, this app is for you. I like how this app visually organizes your calendar. 


Planner Plus

This is a very good calendar app. 

MyCal - Myanmar/Burmese Calendar

This calendar gets excellent reviews. You can look at dates far into the future or past with this app.

Tiny Calendar 

I like the design of this app. The app gets some good reviews.

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