The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Subsection 4 Electronically Organizing Secondary Students

Electronic organization is a powerful tool to help students. In the past, time would be spent at the beginning of class for students to organize their school bag and binders. Today much of this can be done electronically. Documents can be organized in Google Drive or similar services. Apps that keep track of homework can be loaded on a smartphone. That is a huge advantage.

Most students at the secondary level have smartphones. I recommend if you are a Google School having students load these apps:

Google Drive Honorable Mention 

We have all seen student printing problems in past years. Today file sharing can be an issue. Students should add their school and personal Google accounts to their phones. In order to see, organize, and share files, it is a good idea to have Google Drive on your phone. Students often do work on their personal Gmail accounts, and they can sometimes have difficulty handing it in as a result. If they can get access on their phones, to their school Google accounts that is beneficial. This can also help a student to download the work and add it to the school account and get access to their school work.

Google Classroom Honorable Mention 

Students can quickly look up documents, check due dates, and even hand in assignments with this online program and app. All students should add this app to their phone.

Google Calendar

Every time you create an assignment in Google Classroom, the due date is added to Google Calendar. Multiple Google Calendars can be displayed. Having a visual outline of important dates is an excellent way to remind students with executive function delays of the work they have to do.

Google Keep

Everyone needs to write notes on the go or set reminders. Google Keep is a great way to do this.

Google Mail

Students should have their school email on their phone. Time is not set aside in many schools to encourage students to add their school email to their phones. Email is a great way to communicate and sometimes share files.

If your school does not use Google, then you should consider encouraging students to load similar apps that work with your platform.


Teenagers today like to send a text. They are not as good at email and talking on the phone. Remind is a great way to communicate with your students via text. Your students can also contact you in the same exact way. You can send reminders of due dates, tests, and updates to your students.


Students have their phones in their pockets. Myhomework is a great way to write down their homework.

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