The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Subsection 2 Scan Files


Scanning files have a number of valuable uses. If you want to organize your documents electronically, then you have to take pictures of the important worksheet in order to keep track of in the cloud. Scanning documents is a needed skill to be able to use optical character recognition or OCR. The technology for OCR is spreading to various platforms. As technology improves, I expect to see greater use of technology. The good news with scanning technology is there are a number of options. 

There are a number of very good apps in the category that work just fine. I personally use Tiny Scanner and Find Scanner. Turbo Scan has great reviews and is widely used. There are a number of other apps that get the job done. Please do not forget about using a photocopier or a hand scanner as well. 

Tiny Scanner Author’s Pick 

This very possibly might be the best app to scan in a document. 


This is a very good scanner app.

Fine Scanner Author’s Pick  

This app is free and is very good. 

Scanner for Me + OCR

This will scan a document by taking a picture and then turn it into text.

TextGrabber 6 – Real-Time OCR

You take a picture, and this app converts the information to text. The app can even translate it into a number of languages.

Scanner Pro

This is a popular scanning app that also has OCR capability.


This scanning app is highly rated. It can read QR codes, fax and it scans documents.

CamScanner Free

This is a highly rated scanning app.

Office Lens

This is a highly rated scanner app.

Scanner for Me - Free PDF Scanner & Printer App

This scanning app is highly rated.

Scanner for Me: Scan documentsThis is a very popular scanning app with very good ratings.

Hand Scanner Awesome Technology 

You can buy a portable scanner. The prices go from 50 dollars to 150 dollars. This is a simple and fast way to scan a lot of documents. I suggest you go to or CNET to look at reviews. I always recommend searching the internet for the best deals.


Other Options

Thumbnail drives or portable hard drives

If your tablet has a USB port, then you could use a portable drive to transfer documents.


Most photocopiers in school also have the ability to scan in documents. 

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