The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 15 Projecting/Reflecting

I know what you are thinking projecting is not UDL. Two barriers to learning are a lack of engagement and discipline problems that comes from classroom structural issues. I have been teaching for over 20 years, and I am familiar with each type of problem. If you can project each student work wirelessly, then you can grab their attention. You ever have a case where you see a great example and want to show it to the class. In the world of one on one devices that is a problem that can be fixed. You can simply project with one of these devices. If you can hold a portable device in your hand and move around the room as you talk, that is a huge advantage. If someone is disruptive in the back, then you can talk to the class and control the projector from anywhere in the room.

Projecting with Chromebooks 


You can project from a Chromebook wirelessly. Your students can show a project on the projector. A teacher can project from anywhere in the room.

Projecting with an iPad


Apple TV

This is the most common technology that is being used to AirPlay an iPad. With Apple TV, you can project an iPad on a whiteboard or a screen. The sound will play through the speakers the computer is connected to. You can also access Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo or play your music from iTunes. Apple TV is designed to add internet content to your TV. It can also be used to project your iPad or Macintosh Computer.

Reflector 2 and AirParrot 2

Reflector 2 is a software that is used to project a tablet or a phone. AirParrot 2 is to mirror different types of computers. 


This is software to reflect your iPad on a bigger device. 



You can use Airplay with this software to project your iPad. 


This software will allow you to mirror your iPad onto a computer.

Projecting with an Android 

Join by joaoapps Hidden Gem 

This is a unique app. You can push information from one device onto another. It is totally awesome but very different from what I have seen. You have to watch the video on the website to understand. This technology has not caught on, but it is something interesting. The reviews are very good. You could control your computer with this app from an Android tablet, iPad, or a phone. It has a number of cool features. I am not sure where this software fits in, but a creative techie could figure something out. 


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