The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Subsection 4 Recorded Notes


Super Note: Recorder, Notes, Memos. Free. Honorable Mention 

The app allows you to take notes and record audio. The app is widely downloaded. 

AudioNote 2 - Voice Recorder

This app gets very good reviews and has a number of features.

Otter Voice Notes

This app has just about every feature that you can think of. The app boost to having artificial intelligence or AI. You can export in different formats, playback recordings, highlight text, and search for information.

Google Play

D Notes - Smart & Material - Notes, Lists & Photos

This app you can sync to Google Drive, app phones to your notes, and it has speech to text capability. This is a great app that has a number of features and is for someone that needs something to use on a regular basis.

Idea Note - Floating Note, Voice Note, Voice Memo

This is a very popular speech to text note-taking program that gets strong reviews.

EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do note

This is a very good recorded note taking app.


Voice To Text Notes App

This speech to text Chrome extension gets some great reviews.

Speechnotes - Speech To Text Notepad 

This is a note-taking app that has speech to text. The app gets outstanding reviews and is very easy to use.

Mac or PC

Audio Notetaker

This is a note-taking program that records your voice. This program is for a PC or Mac.

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