The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 10 Reminders

Creating a great structure for students is a hallmark of good veteran teachers. The structure is a goal that includes pacing, organization, and reminders. A reminder app is so simple and yet so important that it makes us wonder why more people are not using it. More potential is lost via weak executive function issue than any other controllable aspect of teaching. We cannot control what goes on in the home or the school budget. As a teacher, we cannot cure an undeveloped executive function. Within our classroom, we can create a strong structure. To teach many of these executive function skills, we have to model positive behavior. The hope is as students develop and eventually understand the importance of goals, organization, and prioritization that will do better. A reminder app is simple yet effective to help set goals, work on pacing, and remind students of what to do next. You might think this is just a reminder app that beeps. You have to look at the big picture and understand how powerful having a strong executive function is. These apps are not complicated or take a lot of time. They are all worth the effort. 


Reminder with Voice Reminders

The app lets you set reminders in a user-friendly way. The app is free but has in-app purchases if you want an add-on.

Reminder & Countdown Pro

This is an inexpensive and highly rated reminder app. The interface is simple.


Reminder, Reminders with Voice

This app reminds you by using voice reminders. The app has in-app purchases.

Reminders - Beep Me

This app uses beep reminders. The app is free but has in-app purchase if you want more.

Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers   

This app reminds you with different sounds. You can assign different sound reminders for different tasks. This lists a ton of features. If you need constant reminders, this app is a very good choice. 



Reminders for iPhone

You can set reminders for your iPhone.

Google Play

Blip Blip (hourly chime)

The app chines every hour. You can set the app to chine at various times. The app can be used to teach the concept of time and time management.

Hourly Talking Alarm Clock

This alarm clock alerts you every hour.

Speaking Alarm Clock

This alarm clock talks to you and gets very good reviews.

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