The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 2 Instant Grading

I know that some people think what is so “UDL about instant grading?” Using scantron type grading with an app can look like a lazy way to do assessments. I am a strong believer in instant feedback. I firmly believe that the faster you can give feedback to personalize learning for each student, the better. Self-awareness for students helps students to self-correct mistakes. You must know you do not understand the material to seek solutions. The best way to use instant grading apps is to give a practice test and grade the students in real time. I am all for lessening teachers burdens with technology. Teacher free time is used to improve other areas of instruction.

ZipGrade Game Changer  Time Equitable  Best of Class

This is the iPad or Android version of a Scantron machine. I know it is not a student response system. However, when students can take a test, and you can take a picture, and the tablet corrects it for you in real time, that is something special. The app is available on all or most smartphones. This app will save you so considerable time. I am not sure why everyone does not use this technology. 

Google Play 


Quick Key Mobile Grading App

This app/service offers a lot. You can send quizzes to students electronically or grade paper quizzes with the app. The service also integrates with Google Suite. You can try the service/app for free. If you like what you see, then you can pay a modest fee per month.


Exam Reader

This app is similar to the old scantron machines. You take a picture of a paper with some of the bubbles filled in. The app grades the paper. The app is free to try and has in-app purchases if you want to use the app long term. The app has versions for the iPad, Android, and Windows.


This is a document camera that will grade your tests. GradeCam will grade the fill-in tests that look like the old Scranton sheets. They have different plans to pick from.

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