The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 1 Summative/Formative

There was a time not long ago when schools would spend a good amount of money to buy student response systems, also known as clickers. The students would press buttons on what looked like a remote control or garage opener depending on the brand. Now they are websites, and/or apps. Most of the well-known student response systems are free. Many of the providers have paid options as well. Obviously, you need a device to use it. The instant feedback can be a game changer for your teaching. The instant feedback is outstanding in regards to increasing engagement. Students love instant feedback. 

Web-Based Student Response Systems

Edpuzzle Honorable Mention

I really think Edpuzzle has put together an excellent product. You can show students a video or a select part of a video. You can add questions and audio-notes that can be used to explain the video at specific points of time. The product tracks progress and has due dates. You can do an assessment with the tool. This is an awesome product to flip a classroom. If you like video and are somewhat techie, I suggest you try Edpuzzle.

Kahoot Honorable Mention Time Equitable  

This is a very simple and effective website that can be used to give feedback to your students. Teachers can also make changes to their teaching based on feedback from Kahoot. This is a very popular website. I highly recommend using Kahoot if you have never done so before. 


For Students:


Socrative Honorable Mention Awesome Technology 

This is a very good free web-based student response system. The website has made many improvements. It can be used with all types of computer devices. You can use it with computers, tablets, and smartphones. Socrative is user-friendly and used by a number of educators. Socrative has apps for Chrome, iPad, Windows, and Android devices. You can also access Socrative on any device via their website.


There are premade questions that you can alter. The platform integrates with Google Classroom. The tool has more features than some of the other online assessment tools. That is a positive, but it makes the tool slightly more complicated. This tool is great for a slightly higher end user that wants a little bit more than what the other tools have to offer. This tool is not as well-known as some of the other tools on the market. However, the interface is very good.

Plickers Awesome Technology 

This is a free app. Students hold up cards with their answers, and the teacher scans the room with the app using the camera of the iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone. It is a fun and simple app to use. The app is amazing. The reaction you get from students is awesome. Everyone should try this amazing product at least once.


This is not a well-known tool. Even though it is not widely used, there are some very good reviews on this product.

Google Forms
With a large number of schools using Google Suite, this is a good choice. You make a form and share the link with a class. 

This is the best flashcard website. Quizlet has an assessment component that is very good.


This is a website that allows you to make interactive videos with an assessment similar to Edpuzzle. If you are looking to make lessons with interactive videos, this might be an option.


This online assessment tool is similar to Kahoot or Socrative. The tool gets good reviews. Teachers can open a free account to try this assessment tool.


Pollanywhere has more features and tools than in years past. This assessment tool is very good.


This is an online assessment tool that gets some good reviews. It not as well-known as some of the other online assessment tools. It looks like a real sleeper pick in a crowded field.

This app gets some high ratings and has a number of advanced features. However, it does not have the following of some of the other products in this category. If you are looking for a comprehensive product to use every day that has a number of features, this is a very good product. If you are using student response systems and you are looking for something that more features Outus should be a strong consideration. 



This app gets some high ratings in the app store. There are apps for Chrome, iPad, Android, and Windows. 


Mentimeter allows you to create interactive presentations with polls and feedback. The service gets some very good reviews. It is worth a look.

Google Play Student Response Systems (Clickers) Apps

Blicker Bluetooth For Students Awesome Technology 

This is a student response system with excellent ratings. This product is just not as well known or used as some other programs in this category.


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