The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan
Section 7 Word Prediction

Read & Write (Chrome Extension) Best of Class

This Chrome extension has just about everything. Read & Write has word prediction that is excellent. The app has a picture dictionary. The extension has speech to text and text to speech. It does just about everything. The app creates a floating toolbar in the Chrome browser. This means a student can use Read & Write across all settings. It also means that a student can use Read & Write on any computer. That can eliminate the need for a laptop to travel with the student. It also means that a student could use this product at home with no extra cost or risk on the part of the school. The subscription is priced on the number of licenses purchased. The more licenses purchased, the less per license.

A teacher can get this extension for free. This allows teachers to test out the product.

These are extensions that are commonly used with Read & Write.

This web service works with Read & Write. Snapverter integrates with Google Drive. You upload a document to the Snapverter folder in Google Drive, and it converts the document to a format where the text can be read by Read & Write. 

Texthelp PDF Reader
This app will read and annotate PDFs. The app is often used with Read & Write from Texthelp.

Screenshot Reader
This extension reads selected content on a webpage. This extension can be used with Read & Write.

Word Prediction

Word Q US 1 (Chrome)

This is a very good word prediction app.

Clicker Docs
You have to buy s a subscription. 

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