The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 8 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two amazing technologies. Those are valid reasons to include both in this book. Both technologies increase engagement. I believe that virtual reality technologies will be used with autism to teach social skills, emotions, and general human behavior. This is a safe environment for an individual to correct, improve, or develop social skills without the risks involved. I just believe most of the finer points of this technology has not been developed yet. Over time I expect motivated individuals to refine and more effectively use this technology for the purpose of helping individuals with autism. The amount of enthusiasm already generated in this area leads me to believe that this technology will develop for the next decade and beyond. If you have autism in your family or if you understand the challenges that parents, siblings, and teachers face you will also understand what is at stake. Technologist and speech and language pathologist have to unite to better lives with this awesome technology. 

Virtual Reality Websites

Expeditions Best of Class 

This is Google’s virtual reality app. You can explore the universe from your classroom with this app. If you want to try virtual reality, this app is one you should explore.

Google Cardboard Honorable Mention 

This is a virtual reality app that Google makes that can be used on your phone.

CoSpaces – Make your own VR and AR Honorable Mention 

The ratings on this app are okay, but the concept of making your own virtual reality is just that awesome. I see in the future people making their own virtual reality videos so that you can get the feel of attending an event that you can’t attend.

Merge Cube Honorable Mention 
This is augmented reality. You look at a cube with a smartphone, and it shows you all of these amazing visuals. There is more than one app associated with the Merge. 

YouTube Honorable Mention 
If you go on YouTube and search for virtual reality, you will find a ton of short videos. If you have a virtual reality headset, you can see a ton of amazing videos that work with headsets. The same videos work with a regular computer but are not as dynamic. You can find 360, 180, and 4K videos. The quality can vary. However, the videos, in general, are amazing. If you have a higher-end headset, it is like having an Imax movie theater in your head. 

You Visit
This is a virtual reality college touring website. You can watch the videos on a regular computer. However, with a virtual reality headset, you can get a much better experience. It is always a good idea to talk about college at an early age with students. This is a great way to show a student several colleges without taking a long, costly trip. 

Catchy Words AR
You can teach young students words with this virtual reality app. You catch letters and construct a word. This app gets good reviews. 

This is a great idea for story creation. You type or say something, and it appears. If a student has writer’s block, this would be a great tool to start the creativity. 

Google Play Virtual Reality

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

You get a chance to see what it is like to walk on the moon with this app.

Titans of Space Cardboard VR

This is a brief tour of space with some in-app purchases.

VR Solar System

You get to explore the planets with this virtual reality app.

Mars Is A Real Place Cardboard

You get to see the surface of Mars with this app.

VR Google Earth

You thought Google Earth was cool then try this. You get to see the earth in virtual reality.

Mars Explorer

Mars is one of the most interesting planets. With this app, you get to explore Mars with this highly rated app.

Bacteria VR 3D

You get to see what bacteria looks like up close with this app.

Human body (male) VR 3D

You get to explore the human body with this app. In this case, the example you get to see is the male body.

The mechanism of hearing VR 

This is a virtual tour of the human ear.

mozaWeb 3D Viewer

This company makes interactive books and virtual tours. The app allows you to play a number of dynamic animations. The app also gets very good reviews.

Acropolis VR 3D

Take a virtual reality tour of the Acropolis with this app.

mozaWeb 3D Viewer

With this app, you can watch 3D videos.

360 Cities

This website shows you a number of cities via virtual reality.


This company makes glasses that makes virtual reality come to life.

Headsets for Virtual Reality 

Mirage Solo with Daydream

I use this product. When I watch a video on YouTube, the quality is amazing.


These are very popular virtual reality headsets. There is more than one to choose from. This brand also has gaming headsets.

iPads Apps

You can create and share three-dimensional images. The value of the app is best understood if you see the pictures of examples. If you are teaching with a diagram, this app will take you to the next level. 

Human Anatomy Atlas 2018
If you want to look at the human body up close without seeing the real thing, then this is it. The app gets good ratings with realistic pictures. 

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