The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 1 Presentations

Pear Deck Honorable Mention 

This is an interactive presentation program. You can ask students questions in real time and control what the students see on their device. The program has many more interactive features. Pear Deck can be used for free and has premium features that can be used for a monthly fee. You should visit the website to understand what the product offers.

Padlet Honorable Mention

You can create a presentation, planning, collaborate, or gather information with this blank canvas. You can add video, pictures, and text.

Prezi  Honorable Mention

This is a very popular presentation website, and it has a lot to like. You can insert a video picture or text. You also don’t have to go in order like a traditional presentation. 


PowToon (Website)  

You create an animation and a voice-over. The outcome is something very cool. Some people might call this a video, but it has the simplicity of a presentation. This is a website you should look at if you want to do something different and interesting. 

PowToon Presentations Edu (Chrome)

This creates fun animations that can be used to create a presentation.


Glogster has some similarities to Prezi. It is a very good presentation website. You might want to go to their education website when you Google them.  

Haiku Deck 

You can create some interesting presentations with Haiku Deck.



Animoto: Slideshow Maker

You can make a great presentation with this app. The reviews are outstanding.

Stick Around by Tony Vincent & Explain Everything Awesome Technology Hidden Gem 

With this app, you can make an interactive game or presentation. This app is so different I not sure what category to put it in. This app is for a techie teacher that does a project with students. This is an awesome app. 

A ton of great resources on their website: 


Info Graphics

These are graphics you create to explain a concept or tell a story. This graphic can involve pictures and words. It is an interesting concept to integrate into a project with your students. 

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