The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan

Section 4 Social Skills Apps 

There are apps that allow you to create social skills content. It takes time to create content. As a professional teacher, I understand the amount of work that people do and creating all your lessons from scratch is a hard task. 

There are apps that teach social skills. Even with many schools moving towards Chrome, the iPad is still king with special education. There are still a number of apps about social skills that are moderately priced and follow a theme or social skills curriculum. 

Social Skills have grown as a big part of the curriculum often taught by speech and language pathologists. If you want to be a success, it is necessary to have good social skills to get along with others. The need to have friends is important for the young. As adults, there is a need to work with coworkers and others in the community; therefore, social skills are needed. Being part of a larger group is important to achieve higher social status. 

Social Detective Honorable Mention 

This app teaches social skills with videos. 

There is also a book of the same name: 


Social Detective Intermediate

This is a very popular social skills curriculum and a highly rated app.

Social Detective Advance 

If you like the series of apps, this is the next one to buy for students that have made progress. The app gets good ratings.

Let's be Social PRO: Social Skills Development

The app was made with input from SLPs. The app allows you to make original stories regarding social skills.!/id772244049?ls=1&mt=8 


10 Ways - a Social Skills Game

This is a social skills app and game.

Let's Learn Emotions PRO - Emotion Recognition for Speech Pathology & Special Education

This app helps to teach emotions.

Social Quest
This is a social skills app that gets some good ratings. 


The app teaches basic conversation skills. 



This app teaches conversation social skills to teens. I like this app because we often think of social skills for younger children and not teens. 


All About You All About Me Fun Deck

This app is designed to get a student to talk about different situations. This app is good at teaching social skills or starting a conversation app. 


Social Stories Creator and Library for Preschool, Autism and Special Needs

This app helps you create a story very quickly. This app is used to teach social skills and basic conversations.

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