The UDL Educational Technology Guide 2019-2020: Technology for Special Education

John F. O'Sullivan



1. Best of Class 

This award recognizes the best technology in a perpendicular category. It is the highest honor I can give.


2. Honorable Mention 

This award is for technologies that are really good that people should know about. The honor can be given to a technology that is a solid runner-up to “Best of Class” award. It can also be given to a great technology that does not fit into a category.


3. Author’s Pick 

This is for technology that has a unique quality that has gotten the attention of the author. The technology might not be a “Best of Class” or “Honorable Mention” technology. However, the technology has a quality that stands out, and that should be highlighted. The quality might be the price or a special feature. Most of the author’s picks are technology that I use and like.


4. Assessment 

The award is given to technology that can give effective teacher feedback.


5. Common Core 

This award is given to technology that is linked to Common Core standards.


6. Awesome Technology 

This award is given to technology that the author believes a superior technology.


7. Awesome Technology Maker 

This award is given to technology makers that make a number of great technologies.


8. Time Equitable 

This is given to technology that is very good but does not take long to learn. You get out a lot, but you do not have to invest a lot of time.


9. Game Changer 

This is technology that will change the way you teach.


10. Hidden Gem 

This is technology that is not well known but very good.

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